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Gen-Y Hitch Australia

Gen-Y Hitch GHM-0100 Stabilizer Kit

Gen-Y Hitch GHM-0100 Stabilizer Kit

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This stabilizer kit contains screw style bars that provide a very rigid stabilizer system. After the kit has been installed, the drop hitch is tightened, therefore eliminating any slop or wobble in the drop hitch system. The kit includes the adjustable stabilizer bar kit and all mounting hardware. GEN-Y recommends to bolt/weld the stabilizer kit on truck hitch, either on the side or bottom of the hitch rails. Some drilling/welding is required.

The GEN-Y Stabilizer Kit is recommended to be used for all GEN-Y hitches with 12″ or more drop length. This stabilizer kit is compatible with any GEN-Y Drop Hitch. (Hitch is NOT included.)

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