"What makes SCA Performance better" you might ask?

    Since SCA were founded in 1979, they have remained ahead of the pack by paying attention to the details. As the old saying goes, "Its not the promise you make, It's the promise you keep".

    Staying true to SCA's core values even when it's not the easiest or most comfortable thing to do... That's what becomes evident when you take a closer look.


    SCA's dedicated team of experienced design engineers spend countless hours creating new concepts, which are then developed into each of the unique vehicles we offer.

    The end result is a revolutionary product that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the market, a product that is as individual as you and an expression of who you are.


    From tyres to suspensions to engine calibrations and everything else in between, each SCA Performance vehicle is built to outlast the competition.

    You can be confident that every component, whether proprietary or work of a proven industry leader, will run faster, endure longer and be nothing less than the best.


    Rigorous component testing is an indispensable stage in the SCA Performance product development process. Not only must each component perform, It must maintain a lasting fit and finish to ensure your vehicle will remain a lasting showpiece for years to come.

    If it doesn't meet our standards, it doesn't get used. It's that simple.


    At SCA Performance we are "PASSION DRIVEN" With that passion comes a promise that you aren't just buying a truck.

    You are accessing a better way of life with an increased capacity for adventure. We are committed to fueling the passion that drives you.