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Fuel Wheels

Fuel D596 Sledge Matte Blacks w/Gloss Black Lip 20x9, 8x180, +24 (Chev 2500)

Fuel D596 Sledge Matte Blacks w/Gloss Black Lip 20x9, 8x180, +24 (Chev 2500)

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Complete set of five wheels in stock. Price per each wheel.

About The Fuel Sledge
Fuel Wheels, or Fuel Off-road Wheels, have quickly established themselves as one of the biggest names in the ever growing aftermarket wheel industry by consistently putting out new models. After many years, they have built up a massive lineup of one piece wheels, two piece wheels, forged wheels, custom wheels, and just about any other style on the market today.

The Fuel Sledge has a classic feel that has been updated for modern car enthusiasts which is why it has been one of their most popular models for many years.

What Makes the Fuel Sledge So Good?
The Fuel Sledge is a six spoke design featuring split spokes that include a slight hitch. Each spoke splits almost immediately from the center giving the wheel a twelve spoke look and it brings extra style with the small bend in each prong. The outer lip edge has decorative bolts along the entire perimeter bringing personality to the very brim of this model.

What Makes the Fuel Sledge Special?
The Fuel Sledge is built durable enough to stand up to whatever abuse gets thrown at it both on and off road. This model is a part of the one piece series and is cast from a single mold to construct a solid one piece wheel. The Sledge is crafted from top-quality aluminum alloy and optimized for maximum durability to take on the harshest terrains.

Fuel Sledge Key Features

  • Six spoke design featuring split spokes with a hitch
  • Top quality aluminum alloy one piece wheel
  • Built trail tough durability but also engineered for daily driving
  • Decorative bolts on lip edge for added style
  • Large Fuel Center Cap

Part Number: D59620901857
Color: Matte Black Center with a Gloss Black Lip
Backspacing: 5.75
Offset: +20
Wheel Diameter: 20
Wheel Width: 9
Hub Bore: 124.30
Load Rating: 3700
Wheel Exposed Lugs: No
Wheel Material: Alloy
Weight: 40
Wheel Structure: One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number: 6


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