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Clearview Clip on Small Red Tray (TRA-01)

Clearview Clip on Small Red Tray (TRA-01)

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Clearview® Clip on Tray

Whether it’s a day trip or long trip, space is always at a premium and innovative solutions are a must have!

The Clearview® Clip on Tray is a portable camping table designed to conveniently hang off your Easy Slide® or Drop Slide. Each tray is supported by two fold-out legs allowing the tray to hold up to 15kgs in weight. It’s easy clip on/clip off design makes it a breeze to set up extra platform space to prepare a quick meal, snacks or a cold drink!

The perfect addition to your set up, the Clearview® Clip on Tray is a quick and easy way to instantly create a workable area.

  • Light weight, powder-coated Aluminium tray
  • Red or Blue Trays available to suit the Clearview Easy Slide® or MSA Drop Slide
  • Quick and easy to install and remove as required
  • Carry bag included to protect the tray when stowed away
  • The Clip on Tray conveniently stows away under your Easy Slide®!


454mm [L] x 390mm [W]


Compatible with ALL Clearview Easy Slide Models


Compatible with ALL MSA Drop Slide Models

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