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Clearview Adjustable Fridge Cage (CAGE-01)

Clearview Adjustable Fridge Cage (CAGE-01)

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Maximum Storage, Minimum Weight

Store your gear safely around your fridge without restricting critical airflow with a Clearview® Fridge Cage!

Your fridge compressor will produce heat whilst working and its important to allow sufficient space around the fridge for this heat to escape.

Designed to adapt to changing fridges and slides.

Fridges often change as circumstances change, so we designed a Fridge Barrier that would adapt to your changing needs. The ES-100 /ES-150 Fridge Cage is both width and height adjustable to fit a variety of fridge sizes and Easy Slides. The Fridge Cage can be lowered to 3 pre-defined positions that are 50mm apart. Its footprint can also be adjusted to 2 pre-defined widths, to accommodate either our ES-100 or ES-150 Easy Slides, saving valuable storage space. 

  • Protect your fridge from scratches and dents
  • Maximise available storage space in your vehicle by stacking your gear safely around your fridge without anything falling behind it whenever you pull your fridge out

Avoid loose gear damaging your fridge whilst maximising your storage area in your vehicle with a Clearview Fridge Barrier!

The Ultimate Clearview Easy Slide Fridge Barrier

Protect your portable fridge/freezer with a Clearview Fridge Barrier.

  • Our Clearview Fridge Barrier is constructed from high quality laser cut Aluminium that’s powder coated for added toughness.
  • A Fridge Barrier protects your fridge / freezer from scratches and dents, so you no longer have to worry about loose gear damaging your fridge.
  • Stack your gear safely around your fridge / freezer without worrying that anything will fall in the hard to reach space behind it!
  • Protect your fridge / freezer from overheating with a Fridge Barrier by allowing sufficient space around the fridge!


Fridge Barrier to suit ES-100PLUS & ES-150PLUS Easy Slides

710mm X 620mm X 830mm

520mm – 620mm

566mm – 636mm (+40mm securing lips)




  • Built tough with high-grade 2.5mm laser cut Aluminium
  • Weight/GVM is an important factor in your set-up as you don’t want to be travelling in a vehicle that is overweight. Our Fridge Cage weighs in at only 13kg.
  • Adjustable height and width to suit your fridge
  • Adjustable Height 520mm – 620mm
  • Adjustable Width 566mm – 636mm (+40mm securing lips)
  • Convenient flat pack design is easy to assemble and install

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