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Bedrug Impact Bed Mat IMT02SBS (Ram 2500HD 6' 4" Bed, without Rambox)

Bedrug Impact Bed Mat IMT02SBS (Ram 2500HD 6' 4" Bed, without Rambox)

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Bedrug Impact Bed Mat IMT02SBS (Ram 2500HD 6' 4" Bed, without Rambox)
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  • Anti-skid TPO composite surface
  • 3/4" thick padded floor gives you impact protection and is easy on the knees
  • Integrated tailgate gap guard hinge keeps dirt and dust out of your truck bed
  • Designed for exterior use - will not absorb water
  • Chemical and stain resistant

The BedRug Impact Mat is designed specifically for trucks that have an existing spray-in liner or no bed liner. The all new design has an integrated tailgate gap guard hinge that connects the bed piece to the tailgate piece. The TPO composite top layer construction offers a flat work surface, that is slip and skid resistant. The ¾” padded under layer provide dent and impact resistance while offering cushion for your knees while crawling around in your truck bed. The Impact Mat installs in minutes using hook and loop fasteners to install without the need to prep, sand or drill holes into your truck bed.

The Impact Mat is made to fit your specific make and model, filling in the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a smooth, void free loading surface. The integrated tailgate hinge covers the gap between your truck bed and the tailgate, this will eliminate the annoying build-up of debris between the two pieces. This mat will protect your truck while standing up to whatever you can throw at it: from mulch to bleach. The Impact Mats' TPO material is fade and UV resistant. The ¾" thick foam is similar to that used in life jackets and will not absorb water, resisting mould and mildew. Water will simply run off the surface, through the zippered perimeter, out the factory drain holes in the truck bed and will dry in as little as 20 minutes.

Note: Trucks with a spray-on bed liner will need BedRug Spray-On Bed Liner Adhesion Kit

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