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BDS Suspension

BDS 6.5" Lift Kit (Chevy 2500 2011-2019)

BDS 6.5" Lift Kit (Chevy 2500 2011-2019)

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BDS Suspension Chevrolet/GMC 6-1/2" Lift Kit for 2011-2019 2500 & 3500 HD Silverado/Sierra

This 6-1/2" lift kit utilizes high arched crossmembers that blend perfectly with the angle of the factory installed lower control arms for a completely integrated look while lifting your vehicle a full 6-1/2"dramatically increasing ground clearance at the front crossmembers and improving operating geometry. Torsion bars are mounted directly to the top of the lower a-arm eliminating the need to drop the torsion bar crossmember.

A front skid plate and differential skid plate come standard to lock everything together, creating a nearly indestructible sub frame for extreme off road protection.

Customize this lift kit by choosing a 3" or 5" rear block kit, NX² series or Fox 2.0 gas shock absorbers, and a NX² series or 9500 Series Steering Stabilizer.

Tire & Wheel Combinations
37" x 12.50" w/17 x 8 and 4-1/2" to 4-5/8" back spacing
37" x 12.50" w/18 x 9 and 4-1/2 to 4-5/8" back spacing
37" x 12.50" w/20 x 9 and 5" - 6" back spacing
*Trimming may be required*

Est. Installation: 8-10 hours
Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 4

Kit Components
Qty Part# Description
1x 021650 11 GM HD 4.5-6.5in System (1of4)
1x 021651 11 GM HD 4.5-6.5in System (2of4)
1x 021652 11 GM HD 4.5-6.5in System (3of4)
1x 021653 11 GM HD 4.5-6.5in System (4of4)
1x 021654 2011 GM 2500HD 6.5" Torsion Bar System
1x 121650 2001-2019 GM HD Front Skid Plate Box Kit
1x 011418 11 HD 4in Rear Block Kit
2x 98224613 Fox 2.0 Shock 21.95 x 13.85 x 2- S50/EB1
2x 98224769 Fox 2.0 Shock 31.02 x 18.95 x 2- EB1/EB1

Important Kit Notes
1. Torsion Bar Tool required to load/unload the torsion bars.
2. 3" rear block kit recommended for dually applications, 5" rear block kit will not fit dually applications.
3. Stock 17" & 18" wheels cannot be reinstalled.
4. Stock 20" x 8.5" wheels with 6.18" backspacing MAY fit with a max tire size of 37x12.50 on certain tire sidewall profiles due to clearance to the steering knuckle and sway bar. A minimum " wheel spacer may be required due to tire side wall profile variations. A wider tire will cause clearance issues with the steering knuckle.
5. Factory dually wheels cannot be reinstalled.
6. Models with two piece rear driveshaft may require #121612.
7. If minor front driveline vibration occurs at highway speeds while in 4wd and the vehicle will be used in this situation on a regular basis, we recommend replacing the front driveshaft with a dual Cardan style driveshaft.

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