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BDS Suspension

BDS 2" Spring Lift Kit (F-250, F-350 2017-2022)

BDS 2" Spring Lift Kit (F-250, F-350 2017-2022)

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BDS adds to its Ford F250/F350 Super Duty lineup a new 2" Performance Leveling kit option.

 Designed to bring the front end up level with the rear while offering clearance for larger tires. Unlike the traditional "spacer" kits on the market, this performance option is designed to not only enhance the look, but also the ride and overall performance of your Super Duty.

 At the heart of this 2" performance kit is a pair of dual rate ProRide coil springs, designed specifically for newer model F250s (nets 1" lift on 17-19 models). These dual springs utilize a softer intial spring rate over factory for improved on-road comfort, while also using a higher secondary spring rate to provide stability and performance in harsh terrains. A common item missed with leveling kits is the recentering the axle to keep the springs from hitting the frame. BDS provides a high strength track bar relocation bracket to properly center the axle at the new ride height, along with your choice of NX2 twin tube gas or FOX 2.0 Performance Series monotube IFP shocks to further dial in the comfort and control of your F250/F350. These shocks are provided at all 4 corners to up your truck's performance.

 Take your Super Duty up a notch with BDS Suspension.

    • Tire & Wheel Combinations
    • 35x12.50 w/17x9 and 4.5" back spacing
    • 35x12.50 w/18x9 and 4.5" back spacing
    • 35x12.50 w/20x9 and 4.5" back spacing

*Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: 4 hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 2

Kit Components
Qty Part# Description
1x 013205 2017-19 1"/2020-22 2" F250/350 Front Box
1x 033202 17-19 1" / 20-22 2" / F250 F350 Performance Spring Kit
2x 98224710 Fox 2.0 Shock 23.27 x 14.65 x 2- S50/EB1
2x 98224717 Fox 2.0 Shock 30.05 x 18.45 x 2- EB1/EB1
1x 013101 05-17 Ford SD 1in Spacer Kit (2017-2019 Models Only)

Important Kit Notes
1. 2017-2019 models net 1" of lift height; requires additional 1" coil spring spacer to sit level.
Click HERE for 1 05-17 Ford SD 1in Spacer Kit (2017-2019 Models Only)

2. Kit designed for diesel models; Gas models will achieve approx. 1/2" more ride height

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