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Saber Offroad

Jaffle Irons

Jaffle Irons

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At Saber Offroad, we’re all about making your 4WD offroad adventures safe with our high-quality recovery gear, but we’re also about having fun and memorable while you’re camping.

Enter the Saber Offroad Cast Iron Jaffle Iron!

When you’re off the grid, you need a sandwich maker that will go the distance with you, that’s why Saber Offroad’s cast iron jaffle maker will be your new go-to camp cooking tool!

Here’s why it’s the perfect addition to your camping box:

Long arms
Always with safety in mind, the advantage of the Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron’s long arms is that it keeps you a safe distance from the fire while using the tool and allows you to put the iron in the coals more easily.

Wooden handles
The timber handles stop the heat transferring during use and makes for safe handling when it’s hot.

Easy to use and clean
The two-piece hinge design allows for easy cleaning and convenient storage, and it’s been pre-seasoned so you can use it straight away and it’s also easy to maintain. Just give it a wipe with oil before packing away.

The best toasties!
The Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron is big enough so you can make the perfect toast without cutting off the crust. Its deep design allows for more fillings and if you want to get fancy, you can also make pies and desserts with it too.

Plus, the embossed internal design gives your toasted jaffles the Saber Offroad stamp of delicious approval.

Product Features
Quality cast iron
Pre-seasoned so it’s ready to use
Long handles so you stay a safe distance from the fire
Even heat distribution due to its thick walls
Includes custom-designed storage bag to keep your jaffle iron clean between uses
It’s slimline and doesn’t take up a lot of room
The Cast Iron Jaffle Maker has been tested in real-world campfires – and we can confirm it makes a toasty that takes care of hanger and fills the hole when you need it most!

At Saber Offroad we make high-quality, heavy-duty recovery and adventure gear – and with the Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron you won’t go hungry.
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