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Boss Air

Boss Air Suspension Impressor Incab Digital Kit

Boss Air Suspension Impressor Incab Digital Kit

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This kit is an all round air package kit for a 2 airbag system, onboard air for the 4×4 or running air lockers, tyres and small air tools.

Featuring our Boss dual read-out digital gauge, gauge panel with three led switches , PX06 12volt 1.8cfm 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressor for rapid refilling the 5 port tank ready for the next use. Comes with our light weight, no rust Aluminium 3 gallon air tank, heat treated, shot blasted and anodized.

1x PX-06 12volt 100% Duty, 1.8cfm Air Compressors
1x AT-03 5 port Boss Aluminium Air Tank
1x 110-135psi Pressure Switch
1x Braided Hoses with check Valve
1x Brass 1/4″ Bung
1x Drain Tap
1x 40amp Relay
1x 10m J844 DOT certified air line
1x “Y” Check Valve
2x “Y” connectors
4x “T” connectors
1x Digital BOSS Dual Read-out Gauge
Independent Left & Right LED Switches
Black Gauge Panel, 122mm x 78mm
5x 1/4″ push fittings
3x Mini 12v Electric Solenoid/Valves
3x LED 12v Switch for actuating the Valves
1x bottle of thread sealant
Instruction Sheet

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